Envizion IT’s Approach To IT Support Allowed Broadmoor Motor Group To Cut $60,000 In IT Costs

Broadmoor Motor Group enlisted Envizion IT as their West Michigan based IT services company. They immediately saved $60,000.
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Broadmoor Motor Group is a family-owned dealership that operates four locations in rural areas south of Grand Rapids. For sixty years, they have carved out a niche in the local market by selling anything and everything — campers, trucks, swat vans, excavators, school buses, and more. If it’s street legal, Broadmoor Motor Group sells it. 

As with any modern, multi-location organization, Broadmoor Motor Group relies on its IT systems to manage inventory, communicate with coworkers, business contacts and customers, and more. In order to keep their IT environment optimized at the lowest possible price, Broadmoor Motor Group works with Envizion IT.

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 Broadmoor Motor Group

Broadmoor Motor Group Switched To Envizion IT When They Outgrew Their IT Support

“I was a sales manager when I first brought up changing IT companies, because who we were working with before, I kind of feel like we had outgrown them,” says Tyler J. Wustman, General Manager. “As we were growing, we needed somebody to go along with us.”

Prior to working with Envizion IT, Broadmoor Motor Group relied on a small, hybrid IT support model. They had an internal Tier 1 IT support staff member, as well as a small outsourced IT service provider. While this arrangement kept them operational for some time, eventually, Broadmoor Motor Group grew to the point where it became clear they’d need a more capable IT support partner.

Beyond their lack of resources, the previous IT company posed another issue for Broadmoor Motor Group — they were very hesitant to modernize the company’s IT systems. Tyler and the Broadmoor Motor Group staff knew that they needed to start using cloud-based systems and invest in more advanced technologies if they wanted to keep up with competitors and meet customer expectations. Unfortunately, their previous IT provider continually dragged their feet about updating their systems.

“Every time we had to make a change, he made everything so difficult,” says Tyler.  “He just didn’t want to go towards the future.”

Broadmoor Motor Group Needed An IT Partner That Would Assist With Digital Transformation

Tyler knew that if Broadmoor Motor Group was going to continue to grow effectively, they would need an IT partner that could help them harness new technologies and modernize their systems. Doing so is a key part of the ongoing trend of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is one of the biggest buzz phrases going around the business community right now. At its simplest, it’s the initiative to use new technologies for better business outcomes. That’s why 54% of businesses worldwide are investing in digital transformation strategies in one way or another.

It’s simply the way the world is moving, and for good reason. The business workplace is being drastically altered by technology as each year goes by – if companies like Broadmoor Motor Group don’t embrace it, then they’ll be left behind.

That’s one of the key reasons that Broadmoor Motor Group chose to partner with Envizion IT. They knew they were in desperate need of a system-wide upgrade, and Envizion IT was the perfect partner to assist with that process.

“We brought Envizion IT in, and right away, it was one of those things where they said all the right things,” says Tyler. “They were exactly what we were looking for.”

The Envizion IT team is proud to help clients harness new technologies, improve their processes, and transform their businesses. When a digital transformation initiative is a success, it catapults the client’s business to new heights in efficiency and success.

Envizion IT Helps Broadmoor Motor Group Continuously Reassess And Improve Their IT ROI

A core facet of Envizion’s service is the continuous assessment and reassessment of client IT expenses, which allows us to find new opportunities for cost reduction for businesses like Broadmoor Motor Group.

“That was the number one reason I chose to go with them — their business theory,” says Tyler. “Once we were up and running, they showed us how they could reduce their hours.”

Whereas conventional managed services rely on an insurance model (in which the client pays a monthly rate and gets peace of mind that their technology is taken care of), we actively reassess the client’s IT expenses on a regular basis to ensure they’re getting the best possible ROI for their IT budget.

The Envizion team uses continual improvement methodologies, such as IT planning and strategy meetings, permanent corrective actions, and much more, to act as Broadmoor Motor Group’s architects of cost-effectiveness.

Compare this to the previous IT company, which failed to communicate effectively, and regularly charged for services that Broadmoor Motor Group had no knowledge of. This made it very difficult for Broadmoor Motor Group to budget for their IT support, or determine their ROI.

“Envizion IT sends us a report every month, but with our old company, you would have no idea,” says Tyler. “Bills would just come in the mail.”

Envizion IT saves clients like Broadmoor Motor Group money in a number of ways:

  1. No Contracts Or Monthly Minimums: We don’t force Broadmoor Motor Group to fit into a financial arrangement that doesn’t suit their needs. We carefully align their IT spend to what works for their organization.
  2. Continual Improvement Methodologies: We are constantly refining our support processes, and reassessing the way their organization relies on technology. Through these methodologies, we continue to drive efficiencies and lower costs.
  3. Safety And Flexibility: While we do ensure our clients feel confident in their IT systems’ functionality, continuity, and security, we do not lock them into an insurance-style support model. We deliver peace of mind, combined with a commitment to continual cost reduction.
  4. IT Planning And Strategy Support: We put our expertise to work for Broadmoor Motor Group, assisting in long-term budgeting and strategy processes to help them avoid surprise expenses and effectively prepare for their future growth.

“You pay exactly to the second or the minute for what you use them for,” says Tyler. “The transparency and the communication are unbelievable.”

It’s Envizion IT’s quality of support and approach to cost savings that makes such a difference for Broadmoor Motor Group. When their internal Tier 1 staff member left to pursue another career, they didn’t have to replace her, because they knew Envizion IT would take care of them.

“You’re talking about a $60,000/year job. We have such good support from Envizion IT that we literally shed an employee that we no longer need,” says Tyler. “That was huge.”

Envizion IT Is Broadmoor Motor Group’s Cost-Effective IT Partner

“Stuff is getting fixed ahead of time,” says Tyler. “Instead of being reactive, they’re ahead of schedule.”

With Envizion IT, Broadmoor Motor Group doesn’t have to choose between service quality or cost-effect; they know they’re getting the level of support their multi-location business needs, without overpaying.

“My goal was to never think about IT again, we just want to do our business,” says Tyler. “And that’s finally where we’re at with Envizion. It’s just really nice to not have to worry about that stuff.”