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Envizion IT provides cybersecurity services for organizations in Grand Rapids and West Michigan. Schedule a consultation and get a quote for cybersecurity services today.

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We provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity helping businesses harness personnel and technology

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West Michigan businesses, both large and small, face an increasing security risk from cybercriminals and hackers. Today’s business landscape and internet solutions have contributed significantly to the rise of these risks. Clients will often assess your cybersecurity program to decide whether they can trust you with securing their data and information.

Partnering with EnvizionIT for cybersecurity consulting provides your company with a core set of security features, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches. Our tech team will contact you to understand your needs then provide tailor-made services. We’ll also work with you to plan periodic upgrades to decrease downtime and step up capability for your security systems.

Cybersecurity Services

Increase Your Company’s Resilience With Robust Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Envizion IT’s specialized team can help assess your systems to identify areas of concern. We’ll then work with your in-house tech team to find permanent corrective actions that address the root problems. Count on us to help you increase your profitability as we invest your money on optimum solutions. With our lean approach to IT, your business will spend less on cybersecurity consulting while improving customer systems and security.

Envizion Cybersecurity Consulting Services

Businesses often have difficulty recovering from a cybersecurity disaster, especially if they do not prepare for it. Find reliable cybersecurity consulting on every security aspect, including technical engineering, strategic program design, and testing solutions. Your in-house tech team gets to work with certified hackers who can make a difference in setting up robust security solutions. We offer you years of experience in:


  • IT security risk assessment services
  • Cloud environment
  • Security applications
  • Network security consulting services
  • Cybersecurity risk management
    Cybersecurity Consulting

    Business’ Benefits From Our Cybersecurity Consulting Services

    Cybercriminals often set up cyberattacks with the intention of disrupting the flow of data for different reasons. Companies need to lay down various measures to mitigate potential risks. Envizion IT’s cybersecurity consulting services can help your business protect brand reputation, avoid legal liabilities or penalties, and reduce revenue loss.

    Your business will enjoy these and more benefits from our diverse cybersecurity consulting services, including:

    Cybersecurity Programs

    Cybersecurity Programs

    Our cybersecurity consultants can help your in-house team create a robust cybersecurity plan. The plan will comprise of data security management and monitoring to guarantee security and improve resilience against advancing cyberattacks. Count on us to implement a risk management program that focuses on securing all critical applications. With our services, your business can:

    • Maintain business continuity
    • Protect necessary data and client information
    • Align your security activities with business performance drivers
    • Ensure risk compliance
    Security Assessments & Audits

    Security Assessments & Audits

    Count on our experienced security consultants to perform comprehensive network and cybersecurity assessments that reveal security gaps on your cloud and premise infrastructure. We’ll also help you identify strengths and empower your tech team and employees against cyber-criminals. From the assessments, we can suggest areas that need improvement and ensure that you make risk-informed decisions. Our security assessments and audits involve:

    Incident Response Services

    Incident Response Services

    Rapid and comprehensive incident response services can help your organization reduce the effects of an attack. Our managed detection and response services ensure that you secure your assets and data before experiencing massive losses. We will investigate and mitigate arising security issues to keep your systems secure. Envizion IT offers a threat hunting team which provides:

    • Security monitoring
    • Incident analysis services
    • Threat intelligence services

    Cybersecurity SERVICES

    When you partner with Envizion IT, our team members become your guides and make you the hero.

    Cybersecurity Services in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

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