Envizion IT Helps Holland, MI Dealership Reduce Annual IT Costs By 20%

Before working with Envizion IT, this automotive dealership in Holland, MI was spending too much on IT and getting too little in return. 
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Before working with Envizion IT, this automotive dealership in Holland, MI was spending too much on IT and getting too little in return.

They were paying around $75 per PC for support, but even at that price, their systems rarely worked properly. The long list of cheap software programs provided by their IT support were difficult to navigate, often failed to integrate with one another, and led to ongoing issues with printing documents, accessing files, and proper authentication.

This dealership just wanted simple IT that they could rely on to work. That’s why they switched to Envizion IT.

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How Did Envizion IT Help This Holland, MI Dealership?

This Holland, MI dealership came to Envizion IT for two reasons: they wanted their IT to work properly, and they wanted to keep their IT costs as low as possible. Fortunately, our model is a perfect fit for their needs.

We took over the management of their IT and completely overhauled their systems. We made sure that the software their employees were using every day would integrate effectively and work as expected, allowing them to do their work without unnecessary interruptions or ongoing issues.

While this transition required an up front investment, what it achieved for this Holland, MI dealership was less expensive in the long run. By guiding this dealership to invest in solutions and support that actually worked, we helped them achieve an IT environment that kept their employees productive and their clientele happy, achieving a much better ROI for what they were spending.

By using our continual improvement mentality, Envizion IT identified where this Holland, MI dealership was paying expensive support costs and implemented improvement projects to eliminate the need for this support. This resulted in over 20% savings over their previous IT partner. Furthermore, we even helped them optimize their IT support budget during COVID-19 pandemic, shifting their expenses to later in 2020 when the economy had stabilized.

Envizion IT Will Price Check Your IT

It’s common practice to get a second opinion from time to time, right?

Regardless of how trustworthy your doctor, lawyer, or given business vendor may be, it’s simply the wise move to double-check their recommendations and their prices with another reliable source.

Envizion IT makes it easy to extend this prudent business practice — want to find out how much you could save on your IT bills? Get in touch with the Envizion IT team to have your bills analyzed.