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Save money starting today on your IT services and IT support. Envizion IT is the only IT services company in Grand Rapids that guarantees not to make you sign a lengthy service contract or pay monthly service fees. Ask your Grand Rapids IT company if they will offer you an IT service working relationship like ours. They will say NO.

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Managed IT Services

  • Do you run a small IT department that is overwhelmed by end-user support requests?
  • Are you worried that an unexpected, catastrophic event could lead you to lose all your data?
  • Does your business require a technology partner that understands the needs of your growing business?

Do you want to equip and empower your team with the latest technology? With best-of-class IT systems and services, you can facilitate and enable your workers to work quicker, smarter, and more efficiently, whether they are within or outside your business premises. What’s more, the result of having reliable technology is higher productivity and increased profitability.

Use Envizion IT’s Managed IT Services in West Michigan to gain proactive management of your technology assets. You will provide your team with the best environment to offer services to your customers.

IT Services In Grand Rapids & West Michigan
Strategic IT Consulting  In Grand Rapids & West Michigan

Strategic IT Consulting

  • Is your IT managed service an insurance policy that isn’t providing any value?
  • Can your business efficiently manage cybersecurity threats and restore services in case of a data breach?
  • Are you looking to improve your server and data management systems?

Strategic IT planning forms a vital part of your business’ forecasting strategy. With a strategic IT plan, SMBs can develop business strategies that align with their IT goals. Besides, you’ll have an easier time creating a technology investment roadmap to guide your company’s strategy and grow your team and processes.

Partnering with Envizion IT for strategic IT planning can help your business find long-lasting solutions that minimize downtime and support time. Our lean principles reduce IT complexity while ensuring that you don’t spend a fortune on tech solutions. Find continual improvements in IT systems, helping you address tech issues before they cause significant harm.

Cybersecurity Services 

  • Do you want to minimize cybersecurity risks significantly?
  • Do you need technology partners who truly understand the meaning of partnership?
  • Is your business struggling to improve cybersecurity compliance?

West Michigan businesses, both large and small, face an increasing security risk from cybercriminals and hackers. Today’s business landscape and internet solutions have contributed significantly to the rise of these risks. Clients will often assess your cybersecurity program to decide whether they can trust you with securing their data and information.


Partnering with EnvizionIT for cybersecurity consulting provides your company with a core set of security features, significantly reducing the risk of security breaches. Our tech team will contact you to understand your needs then provide tailor-made services. We’ll also work with you to plan periodic upgrades to decrease downtime and step up capability for your security systems.


Cybersecurity Services In Grand Rapids & West Michigan
Network Infrastructure

Network Infrastructure

  • Do you want to build the ideal network for your office environment?
  • Are you looking for trusted professionals to handle your network security needs?
  • Do you need help enhancing your collaboration services?

Today’s businesses rely on networks to enhance communication and collaboration within the organization. With a robust network infrastructure, companies can improve efficiency and productivity with ease. Building such systems can cause you trouble, especially as employees introduce new devices to the network daily.

Envizion IT has years of experience in building secure network infrastructure for businesses in West Michigan. With state-of-the-art products and a fully integrative approach, our team can help you leverage technology. Our lean policy helps you cut down on tech costs significantly. Count on us to offer permanent solutions that resolve issues before they blow out of proportion.


Server & Data Management

  • Are you running an on-premises server room or a hybrid local/cloud setup?
  • Is your in-house tech team overwhelmed by user support and routine server maintenance?
  • Do you want to assure your customers, partners, and regulators that you are standards-compliant

Your business depends on reliably collecting, transmitting, and storing various types of data. You also need somewhere to host your email, websites, and applications. All these functions are carried out by your servers, making server and data management vital for your company’s growth and profitability.

Envizion IT provides server setup and maintenance services to ensure a high level of availability, reliability, and security for your hardware and software setup. Additionally, we offer data management that involves collecting, storing, organization, protection, verification, and processing crucial data so that your team or clients can access them whenever they need to.


Server Management
Network Infrastructure Services In Grand Rapids & West Michigan

Mobile Device Management

  • Do you need to deploy a mobile project quickly but have limited resources?
  • Do you have a quick and efficient way to resolve device issues?
  • Do you want to gain a peak return on investment from your front-end devices?

Today’s IT environments comprise an increasing number of mobile devices in tech networks. With proper security policies, businesses can set themselves up for success during their tablet, BYOD, or smartphone rollout. An MSP can help you manage your desktop and mobile devices efficiently, ensuring that they run optimally and comply with company policies.

Envizion IT offers reliable PC and mobile device management services that ease the tech burden from your in-house team. We’ll help you set up proper profiles and resolve any persistent issues arising from your PC or mobile devices. Our team offers fresh installs of PC and mobile devices while maintaining existing infrastructure to minimize downtime..


IT Services
Grand Rapids & West Michigan


Envizion IT is a proven Cloud Services provider in Zeeland, MI. and caters to small and mid-sized businesses like yours. This solution is excellent for your company if you have multiple office locations or need to cater to a distributed workforce’s needs. What’s more, Envizion IT’s cloud services will help you save on servers and network infrastructure costs. It makes your employees more productive and lets them enjoy a better work-life balance. Let us host and manage your technology infrastructure and free your staff to handle strategic tasks.


When you partner with Envizion IT, our team members become your guides and make you the hero.

Managed IT Services Grand Rapids and West Michigan

West Michigan Organizations Who Have Put Their Trust In Envizion IT’s IT Service Guides

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IT Service Guides For Michigan Organizations
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IT Service Guides For Michigan Organizations
Is Your West Michigan Organization Ready For Managed IT Services?

Is Your West Michigan Organization Ready For Managed IT Services?

Envizion IT’s complimentary guide answers your tough managed IT services questions.

Our trusted IT service professionals understand that every West Michigan organization is unique and therefore, you need a custom IT solution specific to your industry.  Regardless of what it is you’re curious about, this free guide covers all the reasons managed services might be just the perfect solution for your IT service needs.

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