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We can help you Design Custom Network Infrastructure 
SpecifIc to Your Industry

  • Do you want to build the ideal network for your office environment?
  • Are you looking for trusted professionals to handle your network security needs?
  • Do you need help enhancing your collaboration services?

Today’s businesses rely on networks to enhance communication and collaboration within the organization. With a robust network infrastructure, companies can improve efficiency and productivity with ease. Building such systems can cause you trouble, especially as employees introduce new devices to the network daily.

Envizion IT has years of experience in building secure network infrastructure for businesses in West Michigan. With state-of-the-art products and a fully integrative approach, our team can help you leverage technology. Our lean policy helps you cut down on tech costs significantly. Count on us to offer permanent solutions that resolve issues before they blow out of proportion.

Network Infrastructure Support

Improve Your Network Infrastructure at Predictable Rates

Envizion IT specializes in the daily management of our client’s network infrastructure. Our expert team can fully support your organization, from users to wireless networks, with our lean problem-solving methodology. Let us help you minimize and eliminate downtime as we find permanent corrective actions to emerging tech issues. Our packaged services offer predictable monthly rates that eliminate surprise fees.

Envizion IT Provides IT Services for Organizations In West Michigan

Are you looking for remote maintenance services? Envizion IT has got you covered. Our tech experts specialize in your device’s entire lifecycle from procurement, installation, patch management, updates, and security. You can count on our Office365 expertise to manage your email, collaboration, and Azure services – maintain constant communication while on the go. Partnering with Envizion IT helps your business enjoy reliable IT services, including:

  • Cybersecurity
  • Cloud Hosting
  • VoIP Phone Systems
  • IT Project Support
  • Office 365 & Migrations
  • vCIO
  • Backup & Disaster Recovery
  • Flat-Rate IT Support
IT Consulting Services

Why West Michigan Businesses Choose Envizion IT’s Network Infrastructure Services

A robust network infrastructure ensures that your business can seamlessly maintain stable business operations. Hiring an MSP for these services spares your in-house team of the trouble coming from security glitches and consistent downtime. Envizion IT offers network infrastructure management services that relieve your team of the stress of managing your tech infrastructure. Our customized services reduce unplanned downtime, network congestion, and interruptions, ensuring that your team can work smoothly. Your business can benefit from a host of network infrastructure services, including:

Wireless Network Support Services

Wireless Network Support Services

Your team members require device connectivity and online access from any device. Envizion IT offers personalized network infrastructure services ideal for your specific network needs. Our expert team will assess the current system and suggest additions to help you achieve your objectives cost-effectively. Our wireless technologies include:

  • Wi-Fi Broadband
  • Bluetooth
  • Inovonics
Network Management Services

Network Management Services

Once we assess your existing network systems, our team will partner with you to improve peak performance systems. We’ll monitor your systems regularly to identify points of weaknesses and provide permanent solutions in real-time. Our integrated monitoring and detection systems also assess your servers and storage systems to maintain efficiency. These services help to:

  • Provide regular updates on your OS servers
  • Maintain proactive and preventative maintenance processes
  • Implement patches and fixes on your servers
IT Forecasting

IT Forecasting

At Envizion IT, we understand that data breaches often result in extended downtimes that can lead to massive losses. Our team puts in place industry-leading security features to minimize the risk of cybersecurity breaches. We will implement threat monitoring solutions that lookout for potential security issues and help to fix security gaps. With our network security solutions, your business can:

  • Eliminate wasted time and money
  • Increase your team’s productivity
  • Prevent security threats and mitigate risks

Meet Your Network Infrastructure TEAM

When you partner with Envizion IT, our team members become your guides and make you the hero.

Meet Your Network Infrastructure TEAM

West Michigan Organizations Who Have Put Their Trust In Envizion IT’s IT Service Guides

IT Service Guides For West Michigan Organizations
IT Service Guides For West Michigan Organizations
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IT Service Guides For West Michigan Organizations
Is Your West Michigan Organization Ready For Managed IT Services?

Is Your West Michigan Organization Ready For Managed IT Services?

Envizion IT’s complimentary guide answers your tough managed IT services questions.

Our trusted IT service professionals understand that every West Michigan organization is unique and therefore, you need a custom IT solution specific to your industry.  Regardless of what it is you’re curious about, this free guide covers all the reasons managed services might be just the perfect solution for your IT service needs.

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