Increase Your Network Strength With Penetration Testing

The strength of your network is as strong as its weakest link. All it takes is a tiny crack in your system, and your organization becomes exposed. If discovered, the wrong group will exploit it to their advantage, and your loss will be significant. With Envizion IT on your side, you have a hidden resource that will permanently seal that crack and any others.

FREE Penetration Testing For Organizations In West Michigan and Grand Rapids!

Mistakes Made? Network Secured? Need 100% Guarantee That NO ONE Can Get In?

  • External testing
  • Internal testing
  • Blind testing
  • Double-blind testing
  • Targeted testing

Penetration Testing Services

Envizion IT provides penetration testing and vulnerability scans for Grand Rapids and West Michigan companies. Discover the strength and weaknesses of your network today.

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Envizion IT Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scans

Envizion IT Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Scans

It’s difficult to know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the strength of your organization’s network unless thoroughly tested. Anyone can assume it’s strong, but your vulnerabilities remain hidden from view without hard proof, solid evidence, and updated scanning results. That’s why Envizion IT offers free penetration testing for organizations in West Michigan and Grand Rapids! Your penetration testing stages:

  • Planning
  • Reconnaissance
  • Scanning
  • Gaining Access
  • Maintaining access
  • Analysis Configuration

Nail Down Your Technology Strengths and Weaknesses With Our Advanced Penetration Testing

The wall of protection between your network and those wanting to get in is thin. Your only defense is your current cybersecurity protocols and security. Hopefully, you may survive an attack. However, when the system has never been scanned and tested, you have no assurance that new exploits won’t break through that thin security barrier.

Uncover Hidden Weaknesses

Uncover Hidden Weaknesses

Penetration testing reveals potential weaknesses and vulnerabilities across your network. Not having your system thoroughly examined potentially puts your operation at risk for infiltration. That’s why the first testing step is so essential and begins with this:

  • An Authentic Simulation
  • Exposing Vulnerabilities
  • Acknowledges Network Strengths
Discover Internal Benefits

Discover Internal Benefits

Your test results also lay out the internal benefits the testing provided. You’ll discover the route the hacker potentially takes digging deep into your system. That cyber road map is your lateral movement of their actions and these other advantages:

  • Data Protection
  • Cyber Road Map
  • Employee Feedback
  • Improve Your Compliance
Provides Platform Of Trust

Provides Platform Of Trust

Building trust with customers, clients, or patients takes time. Initially, you ask them for information to store in your system. The slightest mishap, and they shop elsewhere. But proactive penetration testing ensures you’ve taken the proper steps and built this:

  • Customer Loyalty
  • Smarter Security Budget
  • Better Network Perspective
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