Envizion IT Does IT Services Differently!

Your Grand Rapids Business Can Finally Escape The IT Industry Contract Restrictions And Questionable Pricing Practices Forever.

Complete IT Audit at No Cost or Obligation To You.

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Trim Your IT Expenses Today And Save!

Your Grand Rapids business gets constantly hammered with rigid pricing structures and restrictive contract terms from IT service providers. Whether you need their services or not, you still get charged. You can avoid these budget-breaking practices with our four-step cost-saving package.


Step 1. You Get Fair And Transparent IT Pricing

Envizion IT will cut your IT costs and trim the spending on services you don’t need or use. It begins with ending monthly minimums and restrictive contracts. Instead of an invoice every 30 days, you only pay for the IT services you need when you need them.

Step 2. Receive IT Services That Goes The Extra Mile

Envizion IT strives to work ourselves out of a job. We do that by improving your IT infrastructure, preventing you from needing our services. Instead of constantly putting out network fires, we take the extra steps in the beginning so you can eliminate wasteful IT emergency spending.

Step 3. Expect Detailed IT Health Assessments

Envizion IT openly explains the health conditions of your IT. We will provide complete details if there is an issue with your systems. However, we take it one step further. You will receive the same level of open and transparent reporting if your network has no issues.

Step 4. Get A Flexible And Tailored Strategic Plan

Envizion IT knows your business is different from others. And you want an IT service provider that completely understands your operation. For those reasons, you will only receive a flexible and tailored strategic plan that fits your budget, business model, and company goals.

Still, Undecided What You Should Do?

Envizion IT wants your business but only if it’s on your terms. Should our four-step cost-saving package appeal to you, contact us. But if you’re still undecided, then here is our no strings attached free offer. We offer a complete IT audit at no cost or obligation to you. Fill out the form today, and we’ll contact you right away!