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Envizion IT Provides Secure and Reliable IT Services For Law Firms

  • Is your law firm supported by a small in-house IT department or none at all?
  • Do you worry about the security and privacy of confidential digital files and documents?
  • Do you lack confidence in the integrity of your data backups?

Law firms and corporate legal departments commonly need to handle large volumes of data from various sources as part of their work, resulting in unstructured data. With the data piling up, sorting and processing require efficient IT infrastructure to achieve. Envizion IT is a provider of IT Services for Law Firms that ensures the high availability of your technology systems and sensitive legal documents’ security.

IT Services Law Firms

Get the Best Law Firm IT Services
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Envizion IT is a top Server and Data Management services provider based in Zeeland, MI. We offer proactive managed It Services for Law Firms so your staff can store, process, and access legal records without worrying about the data’s security and integrity. What’s more, we provide 24/7 monitoring and maintenance of your IT infrastructure. Talk to us, and let us ensure that your law firm’s technology is operating at peak performance.

Why Choose Envizion IT Services for Your Law Firm?

With law firms having access to a range of business apps and several ways to access them, your legal team requires maximum flexibility without sacrificing reliability or security. Envizion’s managed IT services allow your law firm to compete effectively in the market regardless of its size. We provide you with access to the best hardware, software, support, and service for a low, fixed monthly subscription. Here are some of the reasons why dozens of law firms choose our IT support services:

  • We provide a team of tech experts who are an extension of the in-house IT department.
  • Cloud-based solutions and virtual desktops lower the cost of ownership.
  • Relief to in-house IT teams so they can focus on the law firm’s core business.
  • Business agility and scalability
  • Data and network security
IT Services Law Firms

What Services Do We Offer to Law Firms?

At Envizion IT, we understand that law firms’ computer systems handle sensitive and confidential information that needs to be easily accessible to legal teams but protected from hackers. We have a suite of IT solutions that not only ensures that you work efficiently, but that we design those solutions to grow along with your legal practice.

Server Management

Server Management

Whether your office uses a traditional on-site server setup, has a secure private cloud, or utilizes a hybrid of the two, Envizion IT has the resources and experience to provide reliable IT Services for Law Firms.

We have an array of server management solutions that include:

  • Installation and maintenance of server operating systems
  • Collaboration and communication software
  • Set up of server hardware
  • Installation of patches and software updates
  • Antivirus installation
  • Network connectivity and monitoring
Backup and Emergency Restoration of Legal Records

Backup and Emergency Restoration of Legal Records

Digital records and data are some of the most important assets that a legal practice owns. Unfortunately, few law firms think about the secure backup of their data until a disaster occurs. Do not let a catastrophic data loss or failure of storage media jeopardize your business. Talk to us about the following solutions:

  • Securing your on-site and cloud data
  • Storage of records in compliance with legal directives
  • Document version management
  • Regular backups and rapid restoration
  • Scalable data storage to match your business growth
Data Security and Encryption

Data Security and Encryption

Because your law firm stores sensitive files and documents, we offer you encryption services. Before storing your data in the cloud or onto your server, we encode it to ensure that only authorized staff can access it. Some of the benefits of Envizion’s data encryption solution are:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Protection for your remote workers
  • Assured data integrity
  • Higher client trust


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Law Firm IT Services in Grand Rapids and West Michigan

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IT Service Guides West Michigan Organizations
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IT Service Guides West Michigan Organizations
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