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Envizion IT Ensures That Servers and Data Are Available Whenever You Need Them

  • Are you running an on-premises server room or a hybrid local/cloud setup?
  • Is your in-house tech team overwhelmed by user support and routine server maintenance?
  • Do you want to assure your customers, partners, and regulators that you are standards-compliant

Your business depends on reliably collecting, transmitting, and storing various types of data. You also need somewhere to host your email, websites, and applications. All these functions are carried out by your servers, making server and data management vital for your company’s growth and profitability.

Envizion IT provides server setup and maintenance services to ensure a high level of availability, reliability, and security for your hardware and software setup. Additionally, we offer data management that involves collecting, storing, organization, protection, verification, and processing crucial data so that your team or clients can access them whenever they need to.

Server Management

 Server & Data Management 
Services in West Michigan

Envizion IT is a top Server and Data Management services provider based in Zeeland, MI. Our certified and professional IT engineers’ team offers you more than 15 years’ experience in providing enterprise-class technology services to small and medium-sized companies. Let Envizion IT handle all your hardware, software, and data requirements and help you accelerate your business’s growth.

Why Choose Envizion IT For Your Server And Data Management?

At Envizion IT, we want to be your trusted partner who provides your business with the best server and data management services in Michigan. We understand that we need to be an excellent cultural and professional fit for your company for our partnership to be a success. Envizion It does not take a “one-size-fits-all” approach; we tailor our services to the number of users in your company, the industry that you serve, and your budget. Dozens of businesses trust us because we provide:

  • Access to a team of specialist experts
  • Lower cost of ownership
  • Relief to your in-house team to let them focus on your core business
  • Business agility
  • Data and network security

At Envizion IT, we go out of our way to understand your needs and ambitions. We then devise affordable server and data management packages to help you achieve your goals.

    Network Server Management

    Server Management And Data Services

    Many growing businesses rely on an in-house IT team to manage their technology infrastructure. However, due to the team’s size or limited skillset pool, they might not adequately address your IT issues. Envizion IT can help you avoid the consequences of an overstretched IT department, including network insecurity, downtime, and limited bandwidth through the use of the managed IT services below

    Server Management

    Server Management

    Although many businesses today opt to move their entire IT operations to large, managed data centers, many still need to keep some or all of their computing in-house. You could have all your data, email, and application servers on-premises, or could be using some hybrid environment containing a mix of local and cloud services that all require skilled management. Envizion IT provides a range of server management solutions, including:

    • Set up of server hardware
    • Installation and maintenance of operating systems
    • Installing software patches and updates
    • Antivirus installation and updates
    • Ensuring connectivity
          Storage and Backup of Documents and Records

          Storage and Backup of Documents and Records

          Data is an important asset for every business. Unfortunately, secure storage and backup of information are not something they consider until a catastrophic event occurs for many business leaders. Do not wait to lose data before you think of Envizion’s data storage and backup solutions. We ensure the following:

          • Secure your datacenter, whether on-premises or in the cloud
          • Records stored in compliance with data protection regulations
          • Document version management
          • Record lifecycle management
          • Regular data backup and quick restore
          • Scalable storage that grows with your business
                Data Security and Encryption

                Data Security and Encryption

                Where required, we offer data security and encryption services. We encode all your data before storing it onto your server or in the cloud to ensure that only your team’s authorized members can access the information. Our solution offers a range of benefits, including:

                • Affordability
                • Compliance with regulatory laws
                • Protection of remote workers
                • The assurance of data integrity
                • Increased customer and partner trust

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