Microsoft Network Security in Grand Rapids

Envizion IT provides Microsoft network security solutions to organizations in Grand Rapids and across West Michigan.
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Microsoft Network Security in Grand Rapids

Do you remember when security was all about firewalls? Setting up your firewalls and ensuring nobody would gain access to your network to obtain your sensitive and confidential data. However, with so much computing happening in the cloud today, security is about so much more than limiting access to your network. If malicious actors hack your accounts or the user accounts of your employees, they’ll be able to gain access to anything they want.

Envizion IT delivers top-notch expertise and solutions to ensure our clients get the best out of their Microsoft environment. We advise our clients on how to properly devise and manage Microsoft network security that is multi-layered and flexible enough to protect modern infrastructure against an ever-changing threat landscape.

Your Grand Rapids organization is under increasing pressure to protect its perimeter and secure its data. However, this task becomes even more challenging because cloud and mobile services have blurred traditional security lines and broken down workplace boundaries. Securing your Microsoft platforms is a must.

As a Microsoft Partner, our expertise in this space is further reflected in our ability to give businesses and organizations the perspective it needs to ensure no security risks are overlooked. Our security experts work with Microsoft security solutions to provide a range of managed services across data protection, endpoint protection, cloud security, and more.

Microsoft Network Security in Grand Rapids

Microsoft Network Security Services

Our Microsoft Network Security services and solutions provide unified monitoring with the rest of your security landscape. We build and integrate Microsoft Network Security measures seamlessly, creating an unparalleled defense against malicious actors. We meet with your team to understand your security and compliance requirements and how your requirements can be mapped to security controls. With a combination of best practices and high-quality security controls, we’ll reset your organization’s security to ensure it is protected from beginning to end.

Discover Microsoft 365 Security Services

With more Grand Rapids businesses and organizations turning to Microsoft 365, it is critical to take the necessary steps to ensure that no one can share personal and financial information outside the business.

With our Microsoft 365 network security services, you can effectively control which devices and users have access to your critical data at any time. With the introduction of new regulatory requirements, more businesses and organizations are utilizing Microsoft 365 because of the higher security functionality.

Our set of comprehensive solutions brings together high-quality Microsoft productivity applications with advanced network security and device management to help protect your Grand Rapids organization from even the most advanced and sophisticated threats. Protect your data, network, devices, and credentials today so that you can focus on growing your business so you can be better prepared for tomorrow.

With our Network Security Services for Microsoft 365, we can help secure your business or organization by preventing damaging cyberattacks, giving your organization a greater level of data protection, and securing your devices.

Preventing Cyberattacks:

  • Detect threats early
  • Prevent phishing attacks
  • Protect company devices

Giving Your Organization a Greater Level of Data Protection:

  • Protect your sensitive and confidential data from data breaches and data leaks
  • Encrypt sensitive emails
  • Control who can access files

Securing Workplace Devices:

  • Control who can access your data
  • Apply security policies
  • Manage business applications

Secure Your Microsoft Environment from Malicious Actors

A solid Microsoft network security posture involves more than just one endpoint solution. You must understand that your business’s hardware, services, and networks must be protected from malicious actors, who are on a mission to disrupt your day-to-day activities. By utilizing best practices, our team of security experts will conduct risk assessments on your Microsoft platforms, hardware, and cloud-based services.

Protect Your Most Critical Data with Microsoft Network Security

Protecting your most critical data and the privacy of the data subjects is vital. Our Microsoft Network Security experts construct and operate a secure and effective infrastructure that will ensure you remain connected to customers, clients, and employees across all devices.

Envizion IT’s Microsoft Network Security solutions range from risk assessments, technology roadmaps, fulfillment of compliance requirements, operations to managed service and implementation. These solutions have been designed to comprehensively assist you with understanding the network security and risks you face and support your ability to address each risk.

Assess your Microsoft Network Security posture, construct a remediation plan, and harden your network environment. Microsoft Network security Services include:

  • Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Planning
  • Security Roadmaps
  • Incident Response Planning
  • Microsoft Compliance Solutions

Let Envizion It Build a Microsoft Security Solution That Fulfills Your Unique Needs

Each Microsoft network security solution is unique. Our team at Envizion has seen it all. We understand how to best protect Microsoft solutions from a threat landscape that is constantly changing. Most importantly, we know how to protect your data and your technology. We work closely with you to help transform your Microsoft applications and network infrastructure to gain an edge over your competitors.

We guide you in creating a client-centric or customer-centric approach and help you construct your applications in a way that will support your short-term and long-term vision. Our team of Microsoft experts has a thorough understanding of custom applications, business software services and applications, and application development.

You don’t have to sacrifice your organization’s work style to stay safe and secure. It does not matter how big of a Microsoft environment you have, it can be supported. No matter what your major challenges are, Envizion IT can help you get the most out of your Microsoft environment, securely. Do you need to find out what risks are in your Microsoft environment? Are your remote working, hybrid working, and collaboration tools secure? Are you getting the most out of your incident response and threat detection capabilities?

We will develop a Microsoft network security architecture that addresses an ever-changing threat landscape that is currently being dominated by sophisticated cybercrime and increased compliance. Envizion IT’s Microsoft experts are ready to help your organization reach beyond what you think is possible. Call Envizion IT today at (616) 741-1144 if you are a business in Grand Rapids looking for a Microsoft support company.